Cosima Dunkin and Gabriel Burns Show Some Love

After working with us for awhile, our actors start to realize that I’m the one who sees all of the raw footage of them.

While some just chat amongst themselves while the camera is still rolling, others brighten my day by saying Hi or showing a little love!

That’s what happened when I took a peek at one of the latest videos we shot of Cosima Dunkin. (Super hot btw. I should probably keep her for myself).

After this long scene Gabriel and Cosima showed a little love… and it was so awesome that I thought I’d share.

"Twice!" Two cumshots in one scene. Very nice, Gabriel!
“Twice!” Two cumshots in one scene. Very nice, Gabriel!
So much love
So much love

Yeah that's right. We high five here.
Yeah that’s right. We high five here.

Master's Match Making - Bentley Meets Tyler

Master’s Match Making – Making Sweet Girls into Whores Since 2014

I always love when I get Fantasy content come across my desk because I know it’s going to be a good day. No matter how tired or blah I feel, editing these videos always makes my day better.

How, you ask? Just take a look at some of these Fantasy GIFs and you’ll see exactly what I mean.

Master's Match Making - Lexi Meets Mitchell
Master’s Match Making – Lexi Meets Mitchell
Master's Match Making - Bently Meets Tyler
Master’s Match Making – Bently Meets Tyler

GIFs and Blowjobs

I always dread when it comes time to make GIFs. I’ll even put it off until the last minute (sorry Michael)…

But if someone else tries to make a gif for a video that I edited? Then it’s made very clear that I really do love making gifs…

So here are some of my favorite Sensual Tease gifs.

Little Mina - Slow Tease and Big Release
Little Mina – Slow Tease and Big Release


Amiee Licks and Teases
Amiee Licks and teases


Edging Tease by Sasha Foxxx
Kiara Comes Home Drunk

Getting a little Kinky…. And a little Taboo

We all know I’m kind of a perv… I’m usually the one in the room who’s making comments about, or grabbing, a girl’s ass.
The good part about that is that I get to come to work every day and edit sexy, dirty porn.
I was recently given a new project; Taboo.

At Primal, we just launched our latest store, Primal’s Taboo Sex.
Let me give you a little peek at what we’ve done so far!

Primal's Taboo Sex
Homeschool – Sex Ed

Mom has a new lesson for siblings Emma and Mitchell: SexEd.

Kiara Needs to Earn Her Allowance

Kiara goes into her Dad’s office to ask for money. He says she’ll have to work for it and lets her take over his secretary’s work.

“Fuck Your Brother Before He Leaves”

Roxanne’s Dad and brother come into her room. Her Dad tells her that she needs to let her brother practice sex with her before he leaves for college.

There’s my highlights from the updates this week. I’d fuck my sister too if she were as hot as these girls! What do you think?


Long Sensual Blowjobs

I take pride in my blowjob skills… and I also LOVE watching other girls with a cock in their mouths. So here’s a couple really awesome slow blowjobs from Primal.

Remind me, I’ll tell you guys all about my deep love and fascination with blowjobs.. And Balls.

[wpvideo 4MK0pvYF]

Behind the Scenes 1 – Sexy Bloopers

Sometimes when we’re shooting our dirty videos weird things happen.
They’re typical, everyday things but when they happen mid-fingering… it can get a little awkward.

And lucky for you, I really like taking these moments and creating lastingmemories with them. Enjoy!
JW-dakotaDakota James doesn’t smoke…
Unless she’s being hypnotized of course ;)

gv-1BTS-Russell-End-Scene-pgRussell Grand – Annnnd End Scene.
Nice dress Russell!

gv-1BTS-EllaElla Woods can’t find the off button…
I think that was working though!

#1 Clip in the Superheroine Category!

One of my videos that I did with Primal is #1 in the Superheroine section of Clips4Sale!


The clip is myself and Mitchell Hardrock as the “Wondrous Twins”.
We are looking for Cat Woman’s lair and stumble across Morgan LeFaye who quickly takes control of the situation.


In an evil flick of her wrist she controls us and makes us do unspeakable things to each other. In her final evil act of the night, Morgan LeFaye makes my “Brother” cum on my face after fucking me.gv-1PDS-4800-jw - Copy - Copy

Had SO Much Fun Working with Emma Evins!

Emma and I had a blast shooting this hypno-kink clip! Our “Roommate” got a new Stop Watch that, he says, can freeze any woman in the room and make them do anything he wants.

What do you guys think?

 The Stop Watch - Volume 1
The Stop Watch – Volume 1 Jasmine Wolff and Emma Evins Emma and Jasmine Like to make fun of their roommate and wear clothes that really show of their bodies. One day he finally decides it is time to have some fun at their expense. Whenever the watch starts the girls go into a totally obedient mindless trance and when he stops it they have no idea what happened He takes his time getting them into more and more compromising situations and finally takes full advantage of his control